Frequently asked questions

Can the Skate Guard Covers be personalized?

Yes, you bet. Here at Gnarlyhockey, we can customize with your team logo, business logo, or any verbiage you would like.

How long does the personalization process take?

This will depend on the number of quantities in your order. At Gnarlyhockey we aim for a turn around time of up to 6 weeks for all custom orders placed by 5:00 PM EST.

Why buy Skate Guard Covers from Gnarlyhockey?

Unlike other Skate Guard Covers from the "Other" hockey brands, Gnarlyhockey Skate Guard Covers are not made from cheap plastic products that break. These babies are made to last!

Will my blades fit?

GnarlyHoceky Skate Guard Covers will fit blades up to 13 3/4" inches in length.